How do I leave a comment to enter?

PC - Watch the video.  Below the video there will be a box which says "Add a public comment...."  Click in this section and type in your comment.

Tablet/Ipad/Phone - Go to and in the top right hand corner click on the icon.  Please select the option "Open as desktop".   This will open Youtube in a window similar to your desktop.  After you watch the video there will be an "Add a public comment..." under the video.  This is where you can leave your comment.

How many winners?

There is only one winner per Giveaway.

How is the Winner Chosen and announced?

We use an automatic randomized computer program which pulls a name/comment at random.  We will film and upload the video of the the actual drawing and announce the winner at that time.


**Please note - the winner will have 30 days to claim the giveaway from the day the winner is announced.  If the winner does not claim their prize by day 31 the prize will be forfeited.

More Giveaways available at: