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How much Yarn do I need?



YARN Child (Head size 18”) Adult (Head size 20”-22”)
Sport/DK 230-250 yards 240-360 yards
Worsted 230-250 yards 240-360 yards
Chunky/Bulky 160-170 yards 195-220 yards




YARN Child 6” x 40” Adult 8” x 60”
Lace/Sock/Fingerling 570-580 yards 875 – 885 yards
Sport/DK 455-465 yards 855-865 yards
Worsted 245-255 yards 505-515 yards
Chunky/Bulky 165-175 yards 335-345 yards



YARN Baby 20” x 30” Baby 30” x 40”
Lace/Sock/Fingerling 1755-1765 yards 2625-2635 yards
Sport/DK 1500-1525 yards 2375-2385 yards
Worsted 1300-1325 yards 2175-2185 yards
Chunky/Bulky 1100-1125 yards 1975-1985 yards



YARN Adult 40” x 60” Adult 60” x 60”
Lace/Sock/Fingerling 3000-3050 yards 4500-4525 yards
Sport/DK 2560-2575 yards 3835-3850 yards
Worsted 2300-2335 yards 3450-3475 yards
Chunky/Bulky 1665-1675 yards 2500-2525 yards


YARN Child (Chest size 24”-28”-32”) Adult (Chest size 36”-40”-44”-48”)
Lace/Sock/Fingerling 875-1300-1885 yards 2340-2730-3250-3510 yards
Sport/DK 715-1040-1430 yards 1820-2080-2470-2730 yards
Worsted 650-845-1300 yards 1560-1820-2080-2340 yards
Chunky/Bulky 360-650-910 yards 1170-1300-1560-1690 yards



* Note:  The amounts above are only estimates based on average size projects, and should be used as a guideline. Estimates may vary depending on type of stitch, gauge and differences in individual Crocheters.  To calculate the number of skeins/balls/cones needed, divide the total yardage needed for your project by the yardage in each skein of your chosen yarn to be used for the project, this equals the total number of skeins needed.  Be sure to round up to the next whole skein/ball/cone.  So if you were using Red Heart Super Saver which has 364 yards and you need 1500 yards you would need 5 skeins total.


yardage chart

Yarn Weight with Recommended Hook Size Conversion Chart


(0)   Lace Weight Steel hook Size 2

Crochet Hook Size B-1

1-2 Ply 2mm – 2.5mm
(1)   Super Fine Fingering B-1 / C-2 / D-3 / E-4 2-ply 2.5mm – 3.5mm
(1)   Super Fine Sock B-1 / C-2 / D-3 / E-4 3-ply 2.5mm – 3.75mm
(2) Fine Sport/Baby E-4 / F-5 / G-6 / 7 4-ply 3.5mm – 4.5mm
(3) Light DK / Light Worsted 7 /H-8 / I-9 DK / 8-ply 4.5mm – 5.5mm
(4) Medium Worsted / Medium I-9 / J-10 / K-10 ½ Aran / 10-ply 5.5mm – 6.5mm
(5) Bulky K-10 ½ / L-11 / M-13 Chunky / Rug 12–ply 6.5mm – 9mm
(6) Super Bulky M-13 / N-15 / P-16 Super Chunky / 14-ply 9mm – 15mm

The yarn weight and hook size conversion chart above is a general guideline.  Use your own judgement if you feel certain yarn or hook size is better suited for your project.  Please remember not all yarn manufacturers use the same terminology.  It is also recommended to check that label of the yarn you are using for the suggested hook size recommended for that yarn.

The most important thing to remember when working a specific pattern is if you change the hook size or weight of yarn used it may alter your gauge, making it necessary to adjust the pattern to get the specific size desired.

Be creative and experiment with different yarns and hook sizes to see what you can create.

Happy Crocheting!

Printable Conversion Chart

Basic Size Chart for Afghans


Basic Size Charts for Afghans